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Experience the ultimate metaverse concert from anywhere in the world, on any device, using AR/VR/3D avatar.

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Memphis rapper NLE Choppa rose to fame almost overnight on the back of a viral hit and a charismatic social media presence. At just 16, he was fielding record deal offers from major labels, sometimes with advances in the millions. NLE Choppa turned down the contracts, opting instead for a distribution deal that allowed him to keep the rights to his music. Eventually, NLE Choppa cut a deal with Warner Records for his 2020 debut studio album, Top Shotta. NLE is a rising star.

what is metajam ?

MetaJam is a series of metaverse concerts featuring the top music artists from multiple genres such as Hip Hop, Sertanejo, Afrobeat, Funk, R&B, Rock, Pop and Pagode. Each event takes place in the MVB Worlds metaverse where music fans can dive into an immersive concert experience in state of the art venues via the fan's custom 3D avatars. Discover, explore, and engage in MVB Worlds as you network in a new dimension of reality!